We are Alyce and Colette – Brisbane-based wedding photographers shooting Australia Wide.

When we’re not shooting, we like to hang out in fields wearing tutus and laugh at stuff.

Who We Were
We met in year seven, were good friends by grade ten and by the time we left university we were inseparable. Alyce started shooting professionally five years ago and with the amount of time we spend together, it was inevitable that Colette would pick up a camera sooner or later and start shooting too.

Who We Are and What We Do

A lot of people seem to come to us with preconceived ideas about wedding photographers being egotistical maniacs who subject their er… subjects… to hours and hours of ‘pretend to laugh’ shots.

Alright, it’s actually not about us. It’s about you guys, and your day, and your experience. Your wedding day is not a day long photo shoot, and your engagement shoot (this may shock you) is actually not about the photos at all (although they turn out awesome because you are being real with each other)! We want you to remember how you felt when those images were taken. To us, making these images is all about your experience – it is your wedding day, after all! We are not in the business of dragging the bride and groom all over the place and awkwardly posing them. We use ninja skills to document the times when the action is happening, and we see the bridal portraits as prime chill time for our Brides and Grooms before the crazy of the reception ensues. To breathe in the start of your new adventure as Husband and Wife (and to make the bridal party shots as pain free so your homies can get back to the bar asap).

We are also notorious for our ability to start the dance-floor. Cameras in hand, always always, because crazy dancing shots of your great aunt are the bomb.

We are two fully-fledged photographers. That’s two super rad, capable shooters. Often at weddings a photographer will hire a second shooter to assist them. We are different. We are not a first and second shooter, just two full bicky, all killer no filler photographers. We each carry our own gear and both get down to doing what we love – taking rad photos! What does that mean for all of us?

  • We get a really great amount of coverage
  • We have a looooooot of fun working together, and working with you!

Above all else, we love what we do. We would love to meet you and share your story. Let’s do this!